"Thank you for your incredible support, knowledge and passion that you and your incredible group of super women surround (our son) with. The change in his this year has been completely transformative and he is absolutely thriving under your guidance and care. We feel very blessed to have you here with your amazing way of doing things in our community"


T&J D  Omaha

"Thank you so much for all your work with the boys over the last 2.5 years. We really appreciate what a magical place you've created at THM, full of love, purpose, beauty and true to Dr. Montessori's vision"


OS Snells Beach

"Dear Tia and team, we would like to thank you all so much for everything you have done for our family. S and S have both blossomed under your care and we are truly grateful. We have been with the Tōtara Hill Family for about four years and in that time you have helped us settle into the community and have always been so kind and supportive.

With thanks"


RM Omaha

"Aside from the strong academic start to begin their schooling life our children received when they attended Tōtara Hill, we found they came away with so much more than we ever expected.


They gained general knowledge of other countries, cultures and the environment, but more importantly, than any of that was how they were guided in what I can only describe to be the "basic" necessities in life. That is manners, care and respect of other and generally what is acceptable behaviour. These ideals are so often forgotten in today's education.


Tōtara Hill's love, passion and enthusiasm for children and the Montessori education system is an experience that I feel truly grateful and privileged to have been part of."


AM Matakana




"Thank you for the incredibly special environment you have created at Tōtara Hill and for your passionate, loving and innovative way of teaching and sharing with our children"


NH Omaha



"We could not ask for a better place for our daughter to begin her formal education experience.  The endless opportunities for learning; all aspects of learning; life skills, literacy, numeracy, relationship building, problem solving, singing etc etc. all while she is having fun and learning respect for herself, others and her environment both natural and manmade.  We continue to admire and appreciate the passion and energy that the teaching staff maintain and love watching L's independence and interest evolve.   Thank you Tia and team."


CS Omaha.




" There is no comparison, we just love Tōtara Hill. It will be a very sad moment when we don't have anymore children to send there and it's our last day.  As a parent I have always felt so comfortable leaving our children in such an amazingly organised, clean & fun environment, with wonderful kind teachers that truly have the Child's best interest at heart. Thank you for being the best Tōtara Hill. "


SS Matakana.




Tōtara Hill has provided our family with a nurturing home away from home. We are constantly adapting to life as parents, as Heraclitus said ‘everything is flux’ – and our lives certainly feel like that. That is why it has been so special that, as we try to figure out our routines and patterns, Tia and her team are flexible and understanding about the multitude of balls parents might be juggling. Tōtara Hill is a calming influence on the whole family, we are learning alongside our children and thoroughly enjoying the journey. The materials available to the children are not only educational but often beautiful, a reflection of the whole educational environment. We feel very lucky to have such a Montessori Pre-school available to our children and we look forward to their continued wonder-full education.


AM  Ahuroa.