Enrolment Procedure


If you would like to put your child on our waiting list, please fill out a pre-enrolment form, we recommend pre-enrolment as young as possible.


We will email you twice a year inviting you to our introductory evenings, which are held in the first and last term. We recommend attending when your child is young and then again just before they start.  You are welcome to bring grandparents or friends, and we prefer that both parents have attended. We will give you ideas to do at home to help ensure your child is ready to make a smooth transition to us when they are three. Attendance at an introductory evening is compulsory, except in unusual situations like living overseas!


You are welcome to communicate with us, and we will be in touch when your child is almost three. Full enrolment involves a 30 minute meeting, where you come and fill out the enrolment form, we meet your child, show them around the class and introduce them to some of the activities. This meeting usually happens a few days before their start date.


The expectations we have of families who do enrol is that they will attend our parent nights held once a term (four times a year), and that they will work with us as we promote healthy eating, for example by providing their children with a healthy non processed lunch and water to drink. 


Download your Pre enrolment form here

Pre Enrolment form 2021.pdf
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Montessori at Primary school:

There is a Montessori primary unit at Pakiri Primary School, the primary programme provides a natural continuation of the foundation work of the 3-6 programme, within a collaborative learning environment designed to serve the inquisitive nature of your older child. 

The child at this level will explore the whole of the universe and the evolution of humanity through the power of the imagination.

The programme is creative and open ended, offering in-depth study of geography, biology, history, language, mathematics, science, music and art. This approach supports your child's development of critical executive functioning skills such as planning, organising, strategising and problem solving. Montessori primary may be the perfect fit for your confident, inquisitive, self directed child.